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1. Indonesia is the world's largest archipelagic country and a home to more than 8,500 fish species. Indonesia produces more than 66% of global tropic seaweed.
2. A supply of more than 6 million tons per year of sustainable captured fish and almost 18 million hectares of aquaculture.
3. All of Indonesia Seafood Exporters are GMP Certified and proactively apply sustainable fisheries practices as well.
4. Indonesia Seafood quality is best guaranteed by 46 accredited labs spread throughout the Country.
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From fishery to freshwater and from coast to coast, Indonesia is blessed with amazing diversity in its seafood resources. These riches are managed and processed according to rigorous standards, so we can ensure food safety, premium quality and optimum value in the global market. As demand for sustainable seafood increases – both at home and abroad – Indonesia is working to improve management practices, securing marine resources for international buyers and protecting the livelihoods of local suppliers. Drawing on generations of culinary knowledge and fisheries experience, seafood from Indonesia showcases distinctive ingredients and traditional recipes, infused with the wisdom of 17,000 islands. Indonesia offers international buyers a level of choice without parallel, and quality beyond compare. Wondering how to buy sustainable seafood? indonesiaseafood.id is a one-stop shop for seafood safety and quality, from a network of trusted suppliers.

“Feed the Nation and the World”

Indonesian fishery products are expected to become one of the main sources of nutrition and food sources in Indonesia and the world for current and future generations.

“One Stop Shopping for Various Best Quality Seafood Products”

Indonesia is a suitable place to get a wide variety of fishery products of the highest quality.

“Indonesia Gives You More”

Indonesia can provide fishery products that are better than other countries, both in terms of quality and quantity.

“Indonesia Seafood: Naturally Diverse”

Indonesia has a variety of fishery products both naturally and a variety of value-added products that are characteristic of Indonesia and are not owned by other countries.

“Safe and Sustainable”

Indonesian fishery products are safe for consumption and produced by taking into account the principles of fish resource conservation and the welfare of the related actors.