Measureable Capture Fisheries

November 30, 2021

The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) will apply the concept of measurable fishing in managing fishery resources in the territory of Indonesia.This concept is believed to be able to maintain healthy and productive marine and coastal ecosystems, and make Indonesia more prosperous from an economic and social perspective in sustainable way. The Head of the Implementation Team for the Work Unit of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Annastasia Rita Tisiana, explained that measurable fishing is a derivative of the blue economy principle, as often stated by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Sakti Wahyu Trenggono. "Economic activities must be balanced with the ecology, which is the message of the Minister. Every activity in the marine space must pay attention to the health of the sea," said Annastasia in the KKP Maritime Discussion forum entitled 'Fishing Management for a Prosperous Indonesia' which was held virtually, Tuesday. (27/7/2021).

 The first step in implementing this concept is that KKP first knows the health of fish stocks in each of the Republic of Indonesia Fisheries Management Areas (WPPNRI). Then set the number of fish that may be caught, the number of vessels that catch, including the fishing gear

 There are 6 WPPNRI areas that we will give to the fishing industry where according to our calculations with National Fish Stock Review Committee (Kajiskan), there is no overfishing, because the number of fleets and production are still far below the permitted limit.  Then with the arrest, where the ship catches him, he stays there. Why? Because this will also increase efficiency, because from the fishing area to the port, it will be closer, "said Zaini.

 Minister Regulation  (Permen KP)  Number 18 of 2021 which is one of the translations of fishing in the form of policies. The candy is not only for ecological and economic interests, but also emphasizes the occurrence of social conflicts in the community to maintain the state's concern

Several important points in Permen KP 18/2021 include fishing gear (API) which is prohibited, including, netting groups consisting of barbed bottom trawls, shrimp bottom trawls, twin-board trawler, double-bottom trawler, mid-twin trawler and fishing trawler.

In applying the concept of measured arrests, including the enforcement of Permen KP 18/2021, the KKP strengthens surveillance. Starting from strengthening the patrol team, fleet, to the role of technology to suppress violations. Currently, KKP has dozens of surveillance vessels, air surveillance aircraft, and a Control Center that can monitor the movement of fishing vessels using the VMS system.

 Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Indonesian Traditional Fishermen's Union (KNTI) Riza Damanik appreciated the marine and fishery sector management strategy initiated by the KKP. According to him, there is a need for equity in terms of infrastructure and utilization of fishery resource potential in Indonesia between the western and eastern regions.

 Strict action will be taken against violators because the use of such fishing gear creates social conflicts and threatens the sustainability of the ecosystem.

 "If those who choose cantrang boats continue to do so, we can prove that the Java Sea is very red and over-fishing and then the coral reefs are also damaged. This has become an international issue so far. above 30 GT, that 'you have to stop. If you don't stop, we stop'. We stop it because it will damage the environment," said Minister Trenggono.

Source : BUREAU OF FOREIGN PR AND COOPERATION Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries